Let's Pray!


This photo was taken on Nov. 9, 2006 while at Adoration in St. James Church;  Medjugorje.  Jesus is "on fire" with love for us in his Most Blessed Sacrament!  O Come Let Us Adore Him! 


In June of 2013, after returning from a trip to Lourdes and Paris, France,  I was given this Perpetual Adoration Chaplet to share with others.  I believe Our Lord is asking us to pray this prayer at this time when love is so needed in our world.  Only love heals.  God is LOVE!

O Come Let Us Adore Him...together!!!


Below is a link that will open the story of how the Perpetual Adoration Chaplet came to be.

The Accidental Chaplet

Let's Pray Together!

World Mission Rosary


The World Mission Rosary was created by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.  He published these prayers in February of 1951. The colors represent every continent of our world: Green/Africa, Red/North and South America, clear/Europe, Blue/ Australia and Oceana, yellow/Asia. The audio of these prayers were recorded by the Willow Grove Area Group of the Lay Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and their children.  

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Perpetual Adoration Chaplet

The Perpetual Adoration Chaplet

The Perpetual Adoration Chaplet was given to me while in prayer and adoration before Jesus in his Most Blessed Sacrament.  You can read the full story of how this chaplet came to be by clicking on The blue button labeled: 


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9-1-1 Memorare Novena


The 9-1-1 Memorare Novena is a prayer I first heard about in a homily given by Father John Corapi.  He said it was created by Mother (now Saint) Teresa of Calcutta.  He said Mother Teresa prayed this at times of urgent need.  The prayer consisted of 9 Memorare's of Petition and 1 Memorare of Thanksgiving.  I pray Mother Teresa does not mind but I added 2 more prayers to complete the 

9-1-1 and also an ending prayer.  I added a Glory-Be in acceptance of God's will in however he desires to answer our prayer.  So many I knew prayed this urgent prayer on their fingers. I designed this chaplet so we can all be praying with beads.  I also added the Miraculous Medal since it is to Our Lady we fly for her intercession.  This novena is also known as Mother Teresa's 'Flying Novena'.

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24 Glory-Be Novena of St. Therese


This 24 Glory-Be Novena can be found in the Pieta Prayer Book.  It is typically prayed from the 9th to the 17th of each month.  This way your prayers are joined to all those around the world praying this prayer.  I pray this novena in particular for priests who are in such need of prayer at this time.  Please join me in praying for our priests.

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St. Andrew Christmas Novena


Beginning on the Feast of St. Andrew, November 30, this prayer is recited fifteen times a day until Christmas.  It is a beautiful meditation that helps us focus on the real meaning of Christmas and aids us in preparing our hearts and souls for Christ's coming.  I pray this prayer every single day in honor of a beloved friend, Bunny Slavin,  who died from pancreatic cancer.  This was her favorite prayer.

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